Thursday, May 23, 2013

Campbelltown Craft Society

Want to fill the time with useful activities? So Campbelltown Crafts Society could be a forum to improve the ability to create handmade artwork. The location is not far from the historic area Farrier's Arms Cottage in Queen Street. Already, there are up to 50 members who find passion in this place and has contributed many works of high quality, unique, and interesting.

Here they will be sewing, painting, and knitting. Much can be generated through a short course of Campbelltown Crafts Society, ranging from baby clothes, stories, paintings, poetry, sewing, silk items, paper crafts, fine toys (soft toys), feather crafts, glass crafts, wood crafts, floral art floral, to teddy bears.

Cottage which has been established since 20 years is displaying any work created by its members. So that when the need for a small gift for friends or relatives, visit this place could be an attractive solution. Obtained funds, mostly donated to the Cancer Council clinic, Odyssey House and Macarthur SES. Cottage is open daily from 10.00 - 14.00.